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Anyone is welcome to join the movement, even as GirlTrek’s specific focus is to remove the burden of the weight of being from Black women. “Bootcamp came at a time when people had a genuine appetite for how we can learn from history. Even though one of our first charges is to create a safe space for Black women, we want to teach in these podcasts. So we understood that it would be open to other people,” says Garrison. “We have white women who join the call, we have men that join the call. We get texts and emails saying thank you for the different perspective. It’s nice to know that the message has been reverberating.” The next bootcamp, launching August 3, will also run for 21 days, this time focusing on specific moments in Black history. “The first edition was foremothers. We’re in a definitive moment right now and we want to study the blueprint of movement building and the collective action of Black people throughout history,” Dixon explains. “We’re looking across different movements and figuring out what the definitive moment was—the uptake moment.”

Wall street bets guy wallstreetbets tendies funny shirt

This past week on Instagram, acts of well-deserved self-care were a priority. Showing herself the TLC she deserves while healing, Megan Thee Stallion cuddled up in her bed with a few essentials: water, a sketch pad, a notebook, and a few important affirmations including “pray,” “write music,” and “take care of skin!” With a dewy complexion, singer Ari Lennox enjoyed a sunlit sweat session with her boxing trainer, inspiring followers to keep moving while in quarantine. While looking forward to the next bootcamp, I couldn’t help but remember the final day of the inaugural one. Entitled “The Victory Lap,” the podcast kicked off with a clip of Beyoncé’s song “Black Parade”: “Motherland drip on me/ I can’t forget my history, it’s her story.” Her lyrics summarized the theme of it all, and the kind of inspiring ministry that defines this walking, talking movement.

Wall street bets guy wallstreetbets tendies funny s hoodie

Speaking of sun, many beauty muses celebrated summer with some safe sunbathing. Model Arlenis Sosa radiated warmth while basking in some seaside glory, while Victoria Beckham got up close and personal, enjoying a “perfect summer morning” while rocking her newest lip shade, Chérie. At Jones Beach, model Coco Mitchell soaked up the rays and breeze while staying “fully protected from the sun.” On a more glamorous note, Guido Palau took us back to Chloe’s Spring 2020 show with a profile shot of model Grace Elizabeth rocking a soft chignon that paired nicely with a dark lip courtesy of Pat McGrath. Finally, Tracee Ellis Ross, wearing a bright lip and sleek bun with a hair scarf, proved a little at-home photo shoot “to keep the Zooms spicy” is good for the soul.

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