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Still, the in-flux state of the app has the internet buzzing—especially the creators on TikTok, many of whom have built up millions of followers on the app and have created full-time careers as influencers as a result. Some of the most followed TikTok stars now have agency representation and major brand deals, such as Noen Eubanks, who recently starred in a Celine campaign. With TikTok potentially gone, so would be their main livelihood. Should a nationwide ban of TikTok occur, it won’t happen as soon as you think. This weekend, Trump walked back his original statement and is now allowing Microsoft some time to pursue talks with TikTok. The tech company will negotiate with TikTok until September 15, and if it decides to purchase and acquire the service, it can continue to operate in the U.S. as normal under the new ownership.

Wall street bets guy wallstreetbets tendies funny shirt

If you’re unfamiliar with TikTok, it has evolved in the short time that is has been around. While Gen Z primarily uses it, one shouldn’t be fooled by its younger demographic: The app is starting to grow up. What was once a timeline of dance videos has since transformed into a wide array of TikTok content. A fashion community is forming on it, and it’s also being used for social activism. More socially and politically minded content has been produced around the Black Lives Matter movement and the upcoming election, among other topics. Many have even joked that Trump is banning TikTok just to spite Sarah Cooper, an actor who does comedic imitations of him that have gone viral these past few months.

Wall street bets guy wallstreetbets tendies funny s hoodie

Is TikTok on the verge of being ousted from the U.S.? The social media app known for dance challenges and viral songs is facing a possible ban in the country after President Donald Trump declared on Friday that he might do so, citing national security concerns. TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, is Chinese, and Trump believes American users could be unknowingly handing over their user data to the Chinese government through the app, though both TikTok and ByteDance have denied any ties to the Chinese government.  For Bradley, dance, fashion, and art are interconnected, and each medium demands a degree of selflessness from those working to provide viewers with experiences that inspire. “So much of being a dancer or model can be looked at as selfish, spending so much time looking at your reflection in the mirror, always self-critiquing, and a lot of self-care,” she says. “But all of that hard work we put into giving our bodies over to our profession is completely for the audience.”

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