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Even her own family. We couldn’t pay attention to others or else we didn’t lover her. My mother couldn’t understand that I had a best friend so she once asked me in an insulting tone if I was a lesbian since we hung out all the time. She never had that type of friendship so of course her mind leads her to believe I’m gay. So one day, since I had been going to my bffs house after school almost everyday (her neighborhood was across from mine) my mom took away my going out privileges and put strict rules on me— I was in 6th grade. I was now only allowed to go out on the weekends but not really. If I got invited to do something on both weekend days I had to choose what to do cause if I went out Saturday I couldn’t go out Sunday cause l “already went out” and “isn’t that enough?” She also placed unreasonable curfews and we had to be back home on the fucking dot. If we were even 1 minute late she would ground us. Since she was always so restricting it kind of made my sis and I not wanna go out cause sometimes it was such a hassle to get permission. My mother just wanted us to always be home, even if she wasn’t home. Fortunately, she had no problem having my friends over so my house was always the hang out place. That really helped.We had to think like her, dress to her taste, and do things exactly the way she did them. We were not allowed to question her since what she said was absolute. She needed us to depend on her or else she would have nothing. She needed to feel important and be at the center of everything. If you disagreed with her opinions then she felt attacked and would start a huge fight that ended with her saying that we “hate her” and that she should just die yes she’d go super dark. She was always the victim. Nothing was ever her fault. You could not say no to my mom. If she asked you to do her a favor, it wasn’t really a question. Just a formality cause she expected us to say yes and not refuse. We could never win with her.

Official Nick Castellanos Blastellanos shirt

Everything was always a problem cause my sis and I have grown really close although, before high school we had a horrible relationship and we have different views, opinions, and way of doing things than my mom. I mean, she tried picking fights just because I didn’t want to take the same route she takes home. She picked a fight with me cause I wanted to file my own taxes. She picks fights for anything. She just wants to stir up a reaction from us. So we have learned to ignore her and it’s the best way to deal with her and not let her win her game.Now, if we don’t agree with something mother says then we speak up. We’re not silent anymore and it kills her that we are fighting back. She tries to become a victim and tells her family we treat her badly. We stopped putting up with her shit when I turned 21 my sis was 22. After that day she knew she could not control us anymore. If it were up to her she’d have us tied down at home forever. She doesn’t want us to succeed cause that means we would move away and leave her all alone… since she has no friends. She drives everyone away so she only has my sis and I. And it’s sad to say that we, her daughters, are ecstatic that she left to her home country, leaving us alone. Except, we’re not alone. We have our father and his side of the family to share their love. If y’all question where my dad was when we were growing up, well he didn’t really know how bad it was with my mom. Honestly, I was so scared of her that I never really told him how bad it was. Same goes to my sis. I think we did try to tell him once that she was a bit crazy but he thought we were just exaggerating the situation. Well, sorry for such a long answer but there’s just so much to say about my narcissistic mother still much more to say. Growing up with her made me extremely insecure as an adult. It stunts a persons growth in life and I really wish they hadn’t given my mother custody just cause she was the mother. I wish my dad could have seen through her and fought to win custody over us so we wouldn’t be facing all these hardships now. But it is what it is. This is the life I was given so now it’s up to me to make it better.

Official Nick Castellanos Blastellanos s hoodie

Once she almost hit me over the head with a ceramic plate. She only stopped cause I called her out on it and brought her back to her senses cause even my ~8 year old self knew that was extreme. I know parents are supposed to “spank” your butt or what not when their kids misbehave but she would hit us for no real reason. One occasion I remember clearly: my sis wanted to weigh these two picture frames that were placed above my mother’s bed so when we placed the frames back my sis left one crooked. I was laying on the floor watching tv when my mother got home and saw what horrible thing we had done. She came at me with a pair of pants telling me my sister ratted me out that I had left the frame crooked (yes, my sis threw me under the bus, but what could you expect from a scared 7 year old. Once she was done using the pants she started punching my arm so that I could snitch on my sister too, and of course I did, to stop her punches. To this day I still can’t believe how absurd she was about the frames. Weight was another issue as I grew up because it has always been important to my mom. Fat=Ugly in my mom’s world. She made us believe we were fat when we def were not. She liked to call me ‘tres barrigas’ which means ‘three bellies’ and just engraved in my brain that I was fat and made me feel horrible about it. Never thought someone could like me for the way I looked if not even my mom liked the way I looked. It really damaged my self-esteem, which I continue to struggle with to this day. I still have no confidence in myself since my social skills are shit. I was never allowed to question her since she made me feel dumb for asking them, which played a huge role in my experience in school and college. I never understood why I disliked raising my hand and felt like asking a question was the end of the world. Why was it so uncomfortable to be put on the spot? My damn mother always snapped at us when we asked questions. It would always turn into a fight and made me scared to ask questions in any situation. Made me believe people were gonna laugh at my question and think I’m stupid. I’m still struggling with asking questions but at least I’m aware and am working on it.

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